The building prioritizes hierarchical and rich space quality in terms of occupancy-vacancy relations. It is a calm and alternative scenario shaped according to its context. A new campus life, which is expected to have a pluralistic identity, indicates an experimental situation. The togetherness of these two situations to set the stage for a new high school life emerges as the primary research topic of the program.Parallel to the program interpretation, the character, which can be triggered by the context and climate, takes its place as another leading actor.

Considering Mount Ararat and the intense weather conditions, the clues of the building typology begin to make itself read. The Education Campus issue, which transform a difficult architectural problem when considered together with all these parameters, is handled with a settlement strategy that creates its own context. Buildings, which have a multi-layered open space fiction, both have their own autonomy and make themselves read in relation to each other. Although the interpretation of the courtyard gains emphasis with its unique and strict language, it takes on a completely flexible costume when considered holistically, with the classroom arms connected to each other. Interconnecting courtyards on the upper plaza level organize a fragmented and fluid open space fiction. By establishing a similar relationship with open sports fields, the building turns into a free surface that serves dormitories and student clubs. Classroom units are oriented to provide maximum efficiency from daylight. While the corridor and interior fiction establish visual and physical connections with the courtyard life, it also provides origins for social and multi-use spaces built under the plaza. Thus, while a rich open space fiction and permeability are suggested, interior place continuity is ensured. Students can use the option to pass through air-conditioned spaces in all venues of the campus.

Ağrı High School Campus

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