There are intensive agriculture and animal husbandry activities in Balıkesir. In addition, it attracts attention especially with its coastal towns that stand out with domestic tourism. The project land, located in the northwest of the city center, has a location where the city can be watched directly and has a virgin topography that has not yet been built. In this respect, it is important for a local government structure that will undertake the city administration. The main decisions of the building are the search for a building character that will provide a new urban focus and public density organization and the combination of this character with functional requirements. 

These geographical features brought by the context and the urban vista in the south of the land are dominant for the building settlement. Indoor and outdoor settlement decisions are designed in a completely urban-oriented way and orienting the building towards the city. Office blocks base on a flat superficies on the north wall containing the circulation and service band. The offices and assembly units, which are designed to connect to this superficies at certain angles and establish a continuous relationship with the city in the southwest and southeast directions, include working and meeting spaces. The angulation decision, which determines the main form of the building, defines certain intervals in the planometric plane for both interior and exterior spaces. With this decision, the structure; indoors, making it suitable for creating conditioned spaces between the service band in the north and offices. The volumes that create closed spaces have been designed by prioritizing flexibility and the need for natural light. The open and semi-open circulation fiction on the ground floor prioritizes providing an active public life as much as possible, traversing the land from east to west.

BALIKESİR Municipality Building

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