BKE House can be defined as one of the 120 m2 independent units in the mass housing projects built with a tunnel formwork carrier system in Ataşehir Kardelen Site. The design approach, which was created by preserving the volumes defined by the curtain walls in the apartment, was built on the search for more flexible and transformable spaces.

In order to create the new life of the house and to create a need-oriented entrance hall, the anteroom volume defined by the sliding separators offers a wide reception area. The free circulation areas, which are designed instead of corridors and accessed from the entrance, are innovative in terms of the entrance perception of the house.

The architectural preferences of the living room and kitchen volumes are handled in an integrated manner with the balcony area. In addition to the resting areas, the reserve room, which is designed as a new generation office, complements each other in the house. The selection of wet areas specialized for common use and parents is also related to the rooms and halls in which they are opened.

The neutral tones and modest details preferred throughout the house aim to simplify life and create an innovative comfort zone. In this way, stylish spaces to accommodate resting, working, eating and other activities have been obtained and the desired architectural composition has been achieved.

The color and material decisions taken for wet areas indicate two different architectural attitudes, independent of each other. While the general bathroom hosts a concept that is mostly accompanied by nature colors and motifs, the forms of the objects used in the space progress in this direction. Considering the dimensions of the master bathroom, the contrast that is desired to be emphasized through material differences rather than color dominance can be considered to be in the foreground.

While the study room offers a new generation office experience for adults, it has digital gaming equipment and sound system prepared for use when desired. In this sense, the quality of the space, which is an alternative to the time spent in the living room and enriched with new design ideas, increases the choice options.


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