The project land remains in the south of the district center; It has a sloping surface where the green texture of the district is felt intensely. When these geographical features brought by the context are combined with the internal information of the program; the clues of the structure are shaped by spreading the current potential in as wide a framework as possible. Science Center; While it points to an architectural program that is expected to bring exploration and experience to the fore, the building parcel is very rich to serve these programmatic goals. Therefore, while the project prioritizes an experimental solution to the scenario within the center itself, it simultaneously uses the green texture of the parcel and the relationships offered by the sloped surfaces.

The idea, which accepts the bare area wall within the existing tree texture as a trace of construction, determines the basic principle of the project. This trace of construction, which will be determined together with the preservation of all existing trees, is also the limit of the courtyard fiction to be formed within this wall. The lower and upper platforms to be formed at two different levels, together with the natural slope in the middle of the existing trees, creates a holistic and continuous courtyard scenario. While the upper platform works as an open exhibition area, it reserves the part of the natural ground under it as a possible project development area in the later stages of the project. While the lower platform can be used as an activity area, it is suitable for establishing a direct relationship with the educational buildings adjacent to the parcel. The project exhibits an attitude that rejects the indoor connections of any monoblock structure. It provides access to the segmented blocks with a clearly defined open space route. This open field route is in order: 1. Entrance Hall and Multi-Purpose Hall / 2. Pendulum / 3. Temporary Exhibition Hall / 4. Workshops / 5. Permanent Exhibition Hall / 6. It provides a circulation reaching the Classroom and the Laboratory. It enriches this circulation with interconnections and open space relations that can be established with the courtyard at any time. Contrary to the proposals that deal with the building separately and the nature separately, they aim at a singular systematic aiming to dissolve into each other.  The concepts of "strolling", "experiencing", "going around" appear as organizing cores of the structure character of the center.

Çaycuma Science Center

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