"We will no longer answer questions of belonging with either yes or no. Inside or outside? There are now an infinite number of values ​​between yes and no, zero and one, and an infinite number of answers." Michel Serres, Parasite

Datça peninsula, one of the intersection points of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, has the potential to be an important tourism focus with its history dating back to 2000 BC and its new port infrastructure serving maritime transportation. The prevailing north wind and air flow offer Datça a cooler climate in summer compared to many holiday regions. The project land, located in the central Datça Bay, is oriented towards the open sea view to the south and has a position opposite Simi Island. The parcel, located on the coast of the historical Knidos port excavations, which continues just to the east, is a whole formed by 3 separate construction boundaries resulting from property relations. The public coastal road planned between the parcel and the coastal edge line constitutes the border of the parcel on the beach side.

A structural approach that tries to strengthen the sense of belonging with spatial suggestions by removing the visitors from the feeling of temporary accommodation has been prioritized. The settlement, built around a singular courtyard life, has a series of interconnected open spaces. The open space character of the complex offers a direct visual relationship starting from the entrance courtyard and extending towards the sea by cascading. The building sequence formed by the standard and suite room blocks settling one after the other on the eastern wing of the land has a two-way character. Half of these modules face directly to the sea, while the other half is associated with the courtyard. Although Datça's surroundings are suitable for the construction conditions, it is a structural test that tries to differentiate with the analytical settlement formulation it has established.

Datça Boutique Hotel

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