“one” municipality building ,+ “one” urban square, +“one” urban texture

1 Building / 1 Square; Occupancy/Vacancy: The relationship of a useful, high symbolic, at least as inviting and transparent municipality structure with the space, which is also a whole, in a way that preserves its integrity. While space and structure partially intertwined, they feed and make sense of each other. Seeing the square through the linear circulation in the building. As it extends into the square from above, the emptiness below diffuses into the building. The transformation of the façade of the building into a semi-permeable screen facing the square with all its thinness and height, at the line where the tension of this transition is highest. Not reducing the tension of the square: the square as a “big-single” space. Not creating new “open spaces”. Not to go to unloading that can compete with the square in or around the building.Considering the square as a flat platform, a platform that rises slightly from the environment, maximizing the celebration area. Intermediate recreation planes connecting the level difference, ramps and stairs and the urban space around it are not ordinary; a defined continuation of the town square. 

Street / Square; Part / Whole: Standing in the old and familiar part of the city, the fragmented and narrowed scale brought by Denizli streets; but flowing into the larger and designed square like never before. It also responds to climatic conditions with strong pedestrian traffic, cramped and shaded conditions. The desire to maintain the tension created by the sudden change of light, scale, perception and sounds in the streets, and to continue with the designed order. 

Building / Street; Office / Social: The building's attitude towards the streets that surrounds three sides of the building, which requires a completely different size and integrity compared to its surroundings; Inward contraction and elevation of the compact office structure in a way that leaves maximum distance between it and the fragmented texture surrounding its three sides. Social units, on the other hand, by reproducing the scale of the surrounding street in a sense; their settlement in line with their relations with each other, with the municipal structure and with sunlight. Considering the units, which are also open outside of working hours, as a catalyst to support street life by absorbing the human traffic in the surrounding area and pumping it into the square. 

DENİZLİ Municipality Building And Master Plan

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