Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building will assume the role of being one of the emphatic references of the developing immediate physical environment with its location on the periphery of Istanbul Street, which is followed as the growth axis in the west of the city. The relocation of the existing building from its location in the city center to the parcel in question has potentials in terms of the social responsibility policy of the institution. The building, which will be in close contact with the social context of the city, should exhibit an inviting stance, apart from its member profile. The building should reflect the identity of a prestige structure by adapting to the dynamics of the region, which density is increasing and will increase with new luxury housing investments.

Suggestion; The building that main function is an office, combines with the program elements reserved for public use; it responds with its fragmented but massively compact structure on the ground. Being a corner parcel at the intersection of Istanbul Street and Nezih Tütüncüoğlu Boulevard, it forms the basis of the morphological formation of the building. It accepts the Avenue and Boulevard as the main approach axes and defines the main entrances of the building by breaking off from the ground at the points where it comes into contact with the parcel. The ground floor of the building, which includes the user from these two points; The interior garden, social area, and open exhibition elements are offered to the user for free movement. Creating a shaded pedestrian promenade, it connects gap like a square of the shopping center with the potential density to the west of the site. Free circulation; It is fed by a ramp and stair that starts from the contact points and leads to the multi-purpose hall under the ground. The inner garden at its center has a hierarchical arrangement that surrounds the foyer and assembly hall spaces. It offers rich space quality that meets the open air with the assembly hall foyer, balcony and inner garden. The building, which exhibits a unique stance with its response to the corner plot, differs from its typical examples in parallel with the development strategy of the city.


Düzce Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Building

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