The relationship of public buildings with urban space has an important place in today's architectural discussions. Providing the organic flow of public, semi-public and non-public spaces to each other will contribute to the daily life of the citizens. At the beginning of the design principles of the Efeler Municipality Building are efforts to increase the relationship of the urban space with the public structure. In this sense, at the beginning of the main settlement decisions of the building, there is the construction of the relationship between these spaces.

Efeler Municipality Building consists of a single block placed in the east-west direction. The most important elements of this fiction are the courtyard and atrium, which are defined as open and closed spaces inside the building. The municipal service building was formed on the periphery of the public courtyard. The courtyard can be used for multiple purposes by both the public and municipal employees. The passage in the north-south direction, formed by the tears opened on the ground floor of the building, merges with the courtyard. The east-west access of the courtyard and atrium is provided by the permeability of the indoor space (exhibition area). The western walls of the courtyard are defined by the social facilities and the assembly hall, and the western walls are defined by the municipality service spaces. The building has now acquired the function of a public surface that draws the citizens in. This public surface has been transformed into a living space with fragmented green spaces, a resting and sitting area, an open exhibition area and a passage that allows the flow of pedestrians in the north-south direction.
Atrium and courtyard; function as a preparation space for the entrance of the building; In the building, on the other hand, it has become qualified spaces with its common space, orientation and circulation spaces, air conditioning and lighting features. The main entrance of the building was provided from the atrium in the east wing. The circulatory flow of the atrium and the courtyard to each other has become possible with the exhibition area and the city memory hall.

The pedestrian overpass on İzmir Boulevard, which has heavy vehicle circulation, has been renewed. The pedestrian crossing is located at the +6.00 level (upper ground) on the terrace of the municipality service building and provides pedestrian access to social spaces such as the library, city council and cafe. This passage also functions as an eaves defining the municipal main entrance on the ground floor.

On the office floors, the circulation areas are in communication with the courtyard. Control of natural ventilation in these floors is provided by vertical breaker panels. With the inner garden and terraces defined on these floors, a semi-open space was proposed to the municipal employees. The double-skinned facade surfaces designed for solar control are surrounded by semi-permeable façade panels.

Efeler Municipality Building

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