Bornova, constitutes a critical threshold as the meeting place of the city. The district comes to the fore with its structure, which is fed with recreational functions and has intensive education, culture and art equipment. The parcel, which can be described by its proximity to the intersection where Ankara and Istanbul streets meet, surrounded by many universities and educational buildings. In addition to these, it can be defined as a joint where different types of transportation alternatives meet, as it functions as a transfer station. The parcels numbered '2' and '3', which are determined by the municipality in the north of the parcel and will also have public functions, prioritize the value of establishing a more comprehensive urban network of this building.

The merging of the transfer station with a social center indicates a multi-layered situation. The visual turmoil caused by the multitude of vehicles in the current view of the land is another of the main elements that the architectural move should solve. While the building transfers all the lines reaching this point to one another in an uninterrupted and comfortable way, it also has to adapt the cultural and commercial fragments of the program to this fast pace. The proposed metro and bus platforms connection from the underground (+41.00) level of the building can be read as the main decision of the building. This start forms a continuum fed by program data to the east and west as it continues northward. This continuity, which turns into an inner street on the subfloor of the building, gives transitions to a more sheltered sloping green surface located on the west wall of the building and intended to be inhabited as the back garden of the building. This wing, which participated in the design as a park-amphitheater, continues in the north and joins the project as a continuation of the park in the northwest of the land. With the redesigned bridge over the creek, the pedestrian flow on the side of the Istanbul Road first reaches the park on the side of the road, then the bridge and the park-amphitheater surface. This axis, which uses the creek and connects to the project area no. 3, ends with this specialized area in the south where educational and commercial units are located.

Evka3 Social Center And Transfer Station

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