The project is located on the top of the slope to the west of Küçükçekmece Lake, just behind the Istanbul University Avcılar Campus. The main design motivation of the land, which has a zoning limited to 8 floors, is to create a large, spacious and lively courtyard in the center of the building, and to open the structure surrounding this courtyard towards the southeast and to Küçükçekmece Lake to direct both the courtyard and the residences inside the building to the sun and the view. The courtyard is divided into 3 platforms that fit on different levels. The first is the ground floor platform, which provides access to the residences by enriching them with various landscape elements; The second is the sub-platform which is partially buried and partially exposed in the 1st basement, at the level with social facilities, open pool, and organizes sports and entertainment activities; The other is the wide platform, which is completely oriented towards Küçükçekmece Lake, and is like a viewing terrace of the garden. 

The environmental structure, which includes the residences, is considered as 3 blocks. The block on the west side of the park and mosque mainly consists of small units, while the other two blocks contain large residential units. Each block has been torn apart by three common floor gardens, two at the corners and one at the center, ensuring that the corridors receive natural light and natural air, a socialization platform is created on each floor, and long masses are emptied and mobilized. 

The ground and mezzanine floors of the 3 facades of the environmental block are used as street shops in the parcel with 3 sides of the road. The right-angled rational lines in the residential floor plans are broken at different angles on the commercial floors, allowing the streets to be squared from place to place. It was foreseen that this band could be used by university students by leaving large public spaces in front of the shops on the east side.

3S FİRUZE Residence

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