“Transparency is the simultaneous perception of different spatial qualities. Spaces are not only pushed into the background; they fluctuate in the continuous activity. The positions of the masses become ambiguous under the influence of subjective perception.” (1963)

With its location on the periphery of Namık Kemal Boulevard, one of the main arteries of the city, the project will assume the role of being one of the emphatic references of the nearby physical environment to be developed. The planned primary and secondary education institutions, the private health facility area, the regular housing pattern, and the building, which will be in close contact with the social facilities of the city, also have a convenient context in terms of transportation.

Approach; The program is the search for the interpretation of the building, which is a privatized congress and exhibition center, as a public park. In principle, it has the concern of producing a simultaneous solution for these two different requirements. It takes on an identity that is differentiated for autonomous uses, but can be stripped of this character when necessary and integrated with the park with its free movement opportunities. It can be described as an urban “transparency” fueled by a central park.
free movement; It has a gradient continuity starting from the city contact points at the corners of the triangular eaves. Differentiating the public movement with the state of being under an eave, it invites it to its inner world without exception and indiscriminately. The halls, which are activity centers, will also be fed from this differentiated aura. The air-conditioned spaces transformed into foyers of the halls or the park option enriched with landscape elements belong to the visitors now. It offers a total integrity with the open exhibition elements - eating and drinking units and recreational items that it presents both under the eaves and inside the park.

The fact that the halls that constitute the cornerstones of the program and that will serve different activities are "divisible" organizes the idea that the building itself can turn into a similar formation. The strategy of responding to different volumes and visitor options dominates the entire building. From this point of view, separate foyer arms are defined for the pure needs of these halls, which will serve organizations at different times of the day or year. It recommends turning the park into an active environment for 24 hours by enabling it to work independently of each other.

Kepez Culture Center

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