Although the origins of modern educational institutions go back to Medieval Europe, urban structures (campuses) where thousands of students receive education and spend most of their time are a fairly new phenomenon. The campuses (Oxford, Harvard, U. of Penn, etc.), the most important and ancient examples of which we know from the Anglo-Saxon world, mainly assumed that the production and transmission of knowledge could develop in unique spaces and environments isolated from urban life. Universities, where the 'philosophy' of all kinds of scientific knowledge was dealt with, separated themselves from educational institutions and different vocational schools, where practical knowledge was transferred and intertwined with daily life.

While our proposal basically provides the needs program on a field basis, it also presents a space fiction that can be an alternative to the hierarchical relations network imposed by the program: There are no long corridors where classrooms are opened, no wide axes where corridors are articulated, no alleys. This is a more scaled, more permeable, warmer place. The downstairs is not like the upstairs; more precisely, no two floors are alike. In fact, in the most correct expression, there are no 'floors' in this campus. This place does not fight with the topography it is on, on the contrary, it comes to terms with it. The fiction here is not just big buildings and leftover landscapes. The entire campus points to a texture where structures and landscape areas are intertwined. Direction is not easy on this campus; So is going from one place to another. But it is open to discovery. You can try another way each time. This time you walk through the courtyard, next time you walk down the street; up to you. This is a campus that you can customize. You can live here as you wish, not as others describe it. There are shores and corners that students can claim for themselves, and under the eaves and 'addresses' where they can make an appointment with their friends. One of the features of this campus is the pieces of space that allow the formation of social groups and subgroups in a very complex network of relations. Here, there is a place that does not dominate the user. This is a place that does not exist despite its user, but is created by its user.

MİLAS High School Campus

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