The project area is located in the Erdek Bay on the Kapıdağ Peninsula of the Marmara Region extending towards the Marmara Sea. The town of Erdek, which can be described as one of the first summer resorts in Turkey, has lost its feature of being an important tourism focus over time and has fallen behind in the competition compared to the equivalent towns on the western and southern coasts. In Çuğra Bay, which can be mentioned in this context, the buildings on the parcels where the PTT Camping Facilities were located before have expired and a new functionalization strategy has been requested for transformation. PTT Academy project; It has been defined as a education and accommodation base that will be used by all logistics companies belonging to state and private affiliates, and has been designed as a dual campus consisting of guesthouse and education blocks.

It is critical to consider the guesthouse parcel in front of the sea and the education building in the back row in an integrated fiction. The guesthouse structure, which is classified as a high standard accommodation facility, is shaped by a building plastic that is retracted by terraced from the sea to the land. This situation plays a dominant role in organizing the interior fiction while trying to balance the perception of the building towards the sea on the basis of height. The proposed lobby, dining hall, indoor pools and sports halls on the ground floor are connected to each other by a semi-open circulation scenario organized by the arcade that forms the base of the building. The inner street, which divides the functions of the building on the ground, is one of the important clues of the physical and visual relationship to be established with the education block.

The classrooms and multi-purpose hall units housed within the education block have been resolved in a way that allows flexible use at different times. The emphasis on stratification in the roof or facade designs of these buildings is consistent in terms of the architectural unity of the campus. The structural reduction suggested in the classroom structure and emphasized in the facade formation can be read as an extension of the resting areas in the interior. Terraces, which are exported from these areas, also produce an area of interaction between the environment and the space. While the open plan solutions in the education facility allow for collective work, it aims to diversify individual learning alternatives with exhibition and recreation units.

Ptt Academy

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