Tekirdağ has started to become a developing metropolis with the urban wealth brought by being a coastal and port city. While the Süleymanpaşa District, which has the status of a central district, covers the historical city center, it constitutes a critical threshold for the developing north and east connections of the city. In addition to the structure of the Metropolitan Municipality Building, which is envisaged to be the new administrative center of the city, and the new relations to be organized by its surroundings, the necessity of increasing the public character of the use of the coastline in the south is at the forefront.

The geographical character of the project site is dominant for the formation of the clues of the structure. The cemetery area adjacent to the east of the land constitutes the biggest green spot of the city. The project is shaped around establishing a city ladder. It is no more an intervention than the restoration of the destroyed geography. In this way, it is possible to transform the land into a sloping and public surface again. It is an urban staircase design that has the ability to organize all of the urban and near-environment connections that need to be established. This staircase can be read in two parts in the north-south direction. The office units included in the municipal function follow a parallel track to Karlık Street and rise with a gauge rhythm parallel to the Karlık Street pavement. The southern part, on the other hand, has the appearance of a green amphitheater that dominates the city vista, which can be read as a continuation of the cemetery. It retreats towards the cemetery, reserving a triangular, flat town square in front of it. This surface, which includes commercial units, a conference hall, a parliament foyer and a dining hall, has a 24-hour use option. These two stairs create a holistic scenario by establishing connections and transitions from different levels. It is the result of this dialogue that the project reaches a 3-dimensional structural continuity instead of being just a plane connection.

The 6 nodes cascading in the office block start with the commercial unit closest to the square and begin to rise with the main entrance, which gives an outlet to the square. Entrance hall gallery space and Assembly Hall masses can be considered as exceptional sizes in these nodes. The Presidency and related units are located around the node that ends with the protocol entry at the highest elevation. The office block, which has a 14-meter level difference, contains a kind of transparency and visual permeability organized by the gallery spaces. All working units that meet the branch that hosts the service and vertical circulation elements in the northern branch are located on the south facade. Office volumes, which leave a 1.5-meter gap between the exterior and the exterior, aim to provide solar control with a double-facade strategy.

Süleymanpaşa Municipality Building

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