Tamirci Architects is an İstanbul-based architectural office founded in 2012. Our practicising area does not only cover all kinds of architectural production from the design of a single building to the planning of large scale urban areas but also in related fields such as architectural representation activities and the development of graphical concepts in various fields.

Main quest on the development of any proposal is clear functionality and simple beauty through a system well defined on principles and evolved through programmatic necessities. A close correlation of the “product” with its “context” on every stage of the process is always being kept alive. We believe that generating a space is a way of creating a political and ideological relationship between the users and public by providing them a new way of life. Tamirci Architects continuously engages in strategic collaborations with solution partners in various professional fields to secure a precise execution of the assignment in question and to identify and develop the hidden potentials.

Tamirci Architects has received numerous awards and won several national competitions in the field of architecture. We are constantly looking for new ways of keeping ideas fresh with the accelerating power of being involved in competitions, while gaining experience through constructed works.

Can Tamirci | M.Architect


He completed his undergraduate education at METU Department of Architecture in 2007. He received internships at "TAV Esenboğa Airport Construction" and "Uygur Architecture" and "Emre Arolat Architecture". He completed his Master's studies in 'Bilgi University Architectural Design' program in 2010. During the 1 year he took a break from the program, he produced concept projects  at "Tabanlıoğlu Architecture". He won awards in national competitions, which he saw as an important part of professional practice. He gave lectures on technical drawing and presentation techniques in addition to his project management duties at various universities.He founded the company "Tamirci Architecture" in 2012 and continues his work in his own office. He undertakes the content production and moderatorship of the professional discussion series called 'Mimarsan Bilirsin 250' in collaboration with Arkitera.

Nazlıcan Maydos | Architect


She completed her undergraduate education in Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Department of Architecture in 2017. She worked on facade systems, restoration and renovation projects. She continues her work in 'Tamirci Architects' since 2021.

Halil Öztoklu | Architect


He completed her undergraduate education in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Architecture in 2022. He took part in various architectural projects and events. He continues his work in 'Tamirci Architects' since 2022.

Musa Külekçi | Architect


He completed her undergraduate education in Beykent University, Department of Architecture in 2022. He continues his work in 'Tamirci Architects' since 2022.

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