The project is based on the design of the town hall, square and its surroundings to create a new urban focus. In this direction; Urban living spaces have been designed, aiming to reflect the urban identity to the area and to ensure the sustainability of existing values.

Grass mounds defined on the green corridor were considered as activity focal points. The mounds, designed in different sizes and allowing for different uses, considering the flexibility criterion, aim to transform the large green area from a single center to a multi-focused structure. Thus, while ensuring the homogeneous distribution of the user in the area, it is foreseen to bring diversity and vitality to the area.

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Service Building is the most important focus of attention together with the surroundings of the new city center of the city. One of the main design decisions is to design the building as an important image that will take place at the new focal point of the city and in this sense to be perceptible from all over the city. Municipal buildings are not only a place that provides municipal services, but also bring together the citizens of the city and the local government; The idea that the municipality exists as an institution that invites the citizens with a transparent management has guided the design. In this sense, the municipality's attraction and invitation to the citizens constitutes the main idea in the settlement decision.
It is positioned to include the green corridor, which is the main circulation line and directs the movement of the environment on the upper scale. It is located in a way that does not turn its back on the park between the commercial space in the north and the city square in the east. In addition to this, in order to use the public spaces at the maximum level, they settle in the area without spreading; even in the setup that will be divided into two at the entrance of the building, the sitting area of ​​the building is also included in the public space.

The structure has a circular form; thus, the square and/or the sea can be perceived from different points of the building. Likewise, thanks to this circular form surrounding the square, the building can be easily perceived from the square. This large-scale building was divided into two upwards from the entrance level, and the structure was refined with the slits opened in the mass and was designed in accordance with the human scale. The main entrance of the building is located between the parts where the building is divided into two by a slope.

TEKİRDAĞ Municipality Building

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