The project, as a program, is not a memorized subject in a purely investment-oriented structure. Since it is a purely personal need and even a luxury, it differs a little from the stereotyped architectural practices. This building is neither a house nor an office nor an art gallery; encompassing all but not limited to just one!

Overlapping projections on the western façade; 3 orthogonal masses extending and sliding on each other in other directions and a vertical space connecting these 3 masses. As simple and direct as possible. These 3 horizontal masses that hold certain corners of the land become the terrace or eaves of the other masses they come into contact with in different directions. The western façade, which has a fixed projection, forms the surface of the parking ramp in the plan.

The elevation difference in the land; allowing the basement mass to sit flat on the front garden and the ground floor mass on the back garden. This architectural fiction takes its final form by being completed with the inner garden that corresponds to the geometric center of the land and the main staircase accompanying it vertically. The most critical perception on the ground floor; continuous perspective perception, which is tried to be captured in the north-south direction from the garden gate to the sea view. Even when the garden gate is open, the Sea of Marmara, which can be seen right from the inside of the building, and the cargo ships there, can be read as inviting you into the building.

Kartal Weekend House

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