Regardless of its position on the geographical plane or in what position on the political plane, the main legitimacy ground of today's local governments is function. Good local government makes life easier for city dwellers; It focuses on creating added value in everyday urban life whenever possible, thus increasing the quality of life in the city and indirectly increasing the identity value of the city. This pure function-oriented loop is balanced by the “city identity value”, which is indirectly affected by all actions, independent of individuals and institutions, and cannot be easily manipulated because it is shaped collectively. 

The 'karāsta' proposition we made for the local government structure of İnegöl firmly grasps the city from its symbolic, historical and functional point of view, from its history, economy and common memory. Karāsta, which is the etymological origin of the word "timber" in Turkish, is a direct reference to the fields of forestry, woodworking, and furniture making, which stretches from the past to the present and still forms the lifeblood of the economy. Indirectly, the word originates from a "working, useful" local government approach. 

Karāsta consists of "functional" units spatially constructed around a linear space. These blocks, which surround the transparent space in different lengths, depths and alignments, are defined as predominantly wooden surfaces. The texture of wood is sometimes evident on deaf surfaces, sometimes as sun breaker elements, and mostly in the geometric articulation of the facade. The building fits on the middle space, making an angle of 60 degrees with the north axis, without damaging the existing green texture in the area. Kuğulu Park axis, which creates an active pedestrian flow in the north-south direction in the urban setting and ends with the Sculpture / Clock Tower, integrates with the protected green texture of the area and turns into a meaningful green spot extending to Kültür Park in the urban macroform. Although Karāsta has a massive effect in the urban space, it is permeable on the ground plane.

İNEGÖL Municipality Building

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