Van and its surroundings have hosted countless civilizations throughout history and, due to its strategic location, has been the intersection point of roads from past to present. İpekyolu is the most crowded and commercial center of Van province. İpekyolu, which is the district that best reflects the feature of being the intersection point of the roads of Van province, is the intersection point of many central streets on different axes. Iskele Street, Turkey's longest and Europe's second longest street, is in this district.

The basic approach of the project; while making it a priority to fulfill the municipal center function efficiently; It has developed on establishing an organic relationship with the park land located next to it. The building and the neighborhood of the park parcel brought by its context increase its importance in an environment where green tissue is so rare. It is possible to describe the residence decision of the municipality center on the building parcel through the border it shares with the park. The building and the park parcel extend linearly in the north-south direction. Sharing in this direction allows to turn the plan projection of the building into a continuous surface that accompanies and welcomes the park. It is envisaged that the town hall, which is integrated with the green square setup, will be used by the public at different times of the day. Thus, instead of the competing dichotomy of 'municipality square' and 'park', the municipal structure turns to a green and singular Park-Square. Thus, the park and the building go beyond the neighborhood of the parcel, and a combination is obtained from the structural meaning. The structure of the park setup; With the penetration of the building into the park, new park surfaces are defined that can meet both space and open space requirements. The 'terrace' system in Van Castle and Asma Bahçeler, which are local references, is discussed with a current interpretation. The building, which touches the ground from both wings, descends in the middle to form an open-space, which is a continuation of the park, which can both provide access to public spaces and be used as the District Forum. This sheltered public space discussion and sharing platform is also associated with the public entrance of the city council, which is the decision mechanism of the council members. The clear and stable building language of the municipal center mass; contrasts with the organic and intricate nature of the park landscape. For both attitudes, this tension reinforces that the other one becomes more readable. In this way, a holistic architectural proposal is obtained, one of which is at the forefront of the other, not stealing roles from each other, but making sense and enriching with its opposite.

VAN İPEKYOLU Municipality Building And Landscape

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